Saturday, 23 August 2014

Harvey and Lee's Sleepover

This past week Harvey has had his friend Lee over to stay! Lee is a couple of days older than Harvey and they have known each other since they were both just 3 months old :) 

Lee and Harvey at 3 months old
We have been very busy this week and done lots of walking and other free activities! We went for a nature walk around the rivers in my village and spotted lots of birds and bugs and strangely a lot of apples floating in the rivers, but no apple trees to be seen

We blew bubbles and tried to fly a kite, but the string snapped an the kite flew away!

Went to Cromer to watch the carnival parade where we played on the beach and saw the amazing Red Arrows perform, we enjoyed a picnic on the green and the funfair in the evening.

We done a bit of geocaching in Sheringham and Weybourne Station, which Lee had never done before and he thoroughly enjoyed helping me to find the answers to the clues for the multis and finding the treasure at the end, not to mention all the great facts and steam trains we saw!

Steam Engines

At the top of Skelding Hill

We had a wonderful week of fun, facts and finding!

Monday, 18 August 2014

A Geocaching Journey

What is Geocaching you may ask? Well, it is basically a real life treasure hunt using a GPS enabled device! We have been using our Nokia Lumia 800 but it is not the best or most reliable device to use, we are currently saving up to buy a proper GPS device. Once you have signed up for a membership on the Geocaching website you can check out the map and find some 'caches' that are close by and begin your journey! (although you don't need to sign up to view the map and see what is in your area) :)
There are over a dozen different types of caches with over 2,000,000 hidden around the world and more than 6 million geocachers or players. once you find a cache, you need to sign the logbook or logsheet inside and log it online too.

A 'cache' can be anything from a tiny magnetic object with a small log sheet inside or bigger! the biggest 2 we have found were a large plastic lunchbox and a lovely sized ammo can. Sometimes they are hidden in plain sight and others are hidden very well, a lot of ones in the woods are hidden with what we call stickoflage!

There is a large cache under all this stickoflage!

Harvey Proud with his ammo can cache :)

Along the way you will find all sorts of different sized caches, and in some of the bigger ones there might be swag for the children to trade, we have a small collection of wonderful thing we have found in caches and we always swap what we take with something of equal or greater value for the next cacher to find :)

We have also come across 'trackables' too, we have found trackable travel bug tags and also Geocoins, a lot of these have a specific mission or goal, such as to travel to a specific location or they might be one of a few in a race to travel around the world and come back to the cache they started in.

Here are some of the tags we have found

This tag was in a race to get to Essex from across the ocean

This one wants to travel around the coast of Britain 

This one wanted to visit zoo's around the world 

Here is a Geocoin we found! it was pretty big!

Here are some pics of the caches we have found:
Yes, this really is a cache! hidden in plain sight!

we needed to find a tool to retrieve this cache!
one hiding under a boat!

lots of stickoflage for this one!

a beautifully made cache 

We have had lots of fun on our 10 months caching so far but are still relative newbies with just under 100 finds. We attended our first geocaching event and discovered our first 'Earth Cache'on the 16th to celebrate National Geocaching Day and collected another 3 out of the 7 Souvenirs of August. we havejust one more to get which will be a Multi Cache, where you have to gather information to be ableto work out the coordinates to the final cache!

Get out there people and give it a try! you wont believe how many caches you have walked past!
Have fun!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Walk Along The River Wensum

We decided to take a random detour from town to try and find some Geocaches we had not yet found, unfortunately my gps device aka. my Nokia would not play with us so instead we walked along the river Wensum looking for any sorts of wildlife we could. Harvey is brilliant at spotting tracks from different creatures, he pointed out to me horse, dog, bird, duck and human tracks! 

Along the way we spotted lots and lots of beautiful damselflys, a family of young ducks, lots of different types of birds, a man and his 2 children quietly boating upstream, some golfers and their golf buggy, some tiny fish and some large fish and plenty of soggy doggies that had gone for a swim.

We got to the first bridge and Harvey had a little paddle and pretended to go fishing, it started spitting with rain after a little while of paddling and turned really dark so we decided to head back before it got any worse.
Hopefully i will have a lovely new camera soon and will be able to take lots more pictures instead of just relying on my phone for everything, so i will be able to capture lots of the nature we find. :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tractor Run and Fun Day

Today we went to a local tractor run and fun day in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance we couldn't stay all day as it was far too hot, but we had fun and donated what we could. There was stalls, a small fun fair, bouncy castles, circus workshops, a tractor bus ride, a miniature train ride, pony rides, a Punch and Judy show and lots more! Harvey even made his own beeswax candle!

Harvey getting on the miniature train

Punch and Judy

Tractor bus

Chasing after a bubble and the tractor bus

Big bubble

Wedding bus

Chasing more bubbles

Please donate what you can to the charity here :
Thank you!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Goodbye YR, Hello Class1

We are now in our second day of the summer holidays and i have been going through your work from the past year. You have done some fantastic painting and made some lovely junk models. Your lovely teachers have done 2 fantastic learning journey books following your progress through the year which i am going to add and finish over the holidays. 

Your school report was as i had expected with your struggles to socially fit in with children your age and control your emotional behavior showing below the average and your social, language skills and listening skills above the average :) Everything else is well on target and hopefully you will keep up your improved behavior when you return as a year1.

You have learnt so much this year, you can read really well now and know all your letters and how to write them, you can recognise all the phonics sounds and count a long way. you have told me all about the natural world, different cultures and their foods, how to make this, that and beyond!

You even managed to keep any holes out of your trousers until the end of the very last day!?!


Harvey's First Ever Sports Day

Well done my beauty, you tried your best and done something new! 
You thoroughly enjoyed yourself and i loved watching you and your team compete in the clockwork sports! You was so speedy in some of the 12 games that i couldn't even grab a photo!
With your 'magic' running socks

beanbag balancing
You were great at this!

space hopper laps
You had one of the biggest bounces!

hockey ball control
You tried well with this but just couldn't get the hand of turning!

Sack race
You did really well in this!

You were fantastic at skipping! You take after your uncle!

foamy ball and ladle race
The silly ball kept blowing away in the breeze so you found a great way of keeping the ball on!

You made me proud on this day by doing your best and coming in 11th place :)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Birthday Harvey

5 Today!

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, boisterous, crazy (not so) little monster!

I cannot believe that it has been 5 whole years already since the day i first held you in my arms, we have had so much fun and learnt so many new along the way :)

Today you have opened your presents at home and your favourite was the Hot-wheels loop track!
We then went to the cinema to watch The Lego Movie, you enjoyed your popcorn and the movie loads and even had a dance in front of the screen to the music at the end credits :) **Everything Is Awesome**
On the way to nanny's house we did some Geocaching and we found 'the jar of hearts' and inside there was a trackable smurf travel bug.
At nanny's house you opened more presents and you got the biggest box of k'nex you can imagine and some lovely treats off nanny's neighbour Mary, including a chocolate mustache that you pretended to be granddad with!
We have had lots of fun and games and finished the day off with a lovely chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday Harvey! I hope you had a lovely day :)