Friday, 7 June 2013

Butlins Skeness Holiday 2013

Last year i had done nothing for my birthday so about a week after it i had booked another holiday to Butlins with my friend Dani and her little brother, my brother, his girlfriend and their baby (my gorgeous nephew Zackary) and of course my Harvey, for my birthday in April this year :)

I had booked for Butlins Skegness as it is the closest to us and i don't really like to drive so our journey should have really only took around 2 hours, BUT and i don't know how or why (other than the million and one sick stops and toilet stops we had to take for Harvey and jay lol) it managed to take us over 4 hours to get there! i had intended on spending the first day at the market & funfair but as we dint leave until gone 12 due to Tom having an appointment, we arrived around 5ish, all tired, ill and hungry!

On arriving we were greeted by the lovely guys on the gates and was given clear instructions on where to go and what to do next, obviously from going to Butlins many times before i kinda knew what to do and where to go but so much has changed since my last visit to Skegness in 2010!
Most noticeable was the construction work going on with the new pool, i was under the impression that everything had opened fully and everything was complete the week before we was due to arrive, i had heard no different from Butlins and even their Facebook page had nothing about the delayed completion. i was very disappointed as the two new bits i was most looking forward to were the outdoor splash zone and outdoor lazy river and these were still being built :(

Once inside the skyline we went to find our check in point. The boys were totally amazed at the size, sound and all the fantastic things inside and were off in whatever direction there was sweets, characters and flashing lights! Everything has been updated an looks very modern, the first thing i noticed in the skyline was the new Jellyfish Lounge which i believe used to be called Bar Rosso (we spent a lot of late evenings in the Jellyfish!) as that was where we had to go to pick up our keys, it looks great with real bubbles in a glass wall, another thing the boys were amazed by!

We had a fantastic time and hopefully me and Harvey will be returning soon :)

Our apartment with Dani hanging out of the window!

The view from our living room

Jay & Harvey were excited to see Bob the builder

The Skyline Gang during one of their many shows

Jay & Harvey in a VW Campervan

Harvey & Jay on one of the rides in Bobs yard

Harvey on the airplanes in Bobs yard

Harvey & Jay fast asleep on the sofa and baby Zackary having fun on the floor

We had different cocktails in the Jellyfish each night

The three boys

The new fountains that unfortunately weren't complete so we didn't get to play in :( 

View of the Skyline Pavillion

Thomas, Harvey and Sophie on the Dodge'ems

Billy Bear!

Harvey has found a new love with GIANT candyfloss!

Harvey loved feeding the ducks and other birds from the window,
although his breakfast did go out a couple of times too

I stole Zackary away for his first play in a soft play area!

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